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Why choose EcoSystem Technologies Inc.?

EcoSystem Technologies Inc. is an "Environmental Specialist Organization" offering full, integrated and comprehensive technical know how, catering to a wide range of services for Solid Waste Management, Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment requirements.
  • ESTI has the most competent technical personnel as environmental solution provider.

  • ESTI offers a wide range of wastewater treatment processes and equipment as a one stop shop company.

  • ESTI has one hundred percent track-record on working WWTP / Sequencing Batch Reactor installations.

  • ESTI offers value engineering.

  • ESTI offers TERTIARY Treatment QUALITY at the cost of SECONDARY Treatment (water reuse)

  • ESTI assures the ULTIMATE "peace of mind" to clients

The work was executed to Wyeth's satisfaction within reasonable milestone dates and within budget constraints.
Donald Coyle Senior Project Manager Wyeth Philippines, Inc.